The Working of Facsimile and Its Contribution in Enhancing Communication

We live in a faced paced world- a world that is highly dependent on communication. Without effective means of communication, we will be unable to pass on our message and details for various important purposes. Keeping this requirement in mind, technology has developed multiple equipment and methods of communicating such as telephone, mobile, email, pager, and more. In addition to these, one of the communication techniques that have seen a huge growth and demand in the field of business as well as education is Fax.
Here is an insight on the working of this technique and how it benefits the users.

What is Fax and how it works:

Facsimile, popularly termed as Fax, is the technology of sharing scanned documents such as texts and images with a phone number connected to a printer or some other output device. With the help of a fax machine- connected to each other through telephone lines, you can easily transmit important documents, articles, diagrams, sketches and notices to the intended person or group of people in no time. The copy of a written document is transferred to the addressee, which is subsequently reproduced on a piece of paper spontaneously in the receiver’s device.
The key file is scanned as a single fixed graphic image using a machine and is then transformed into a bit map. After this, the information is sent in this digital form as electrical signals via telephone. The fax machine at the receiving end later converts the coded image again and finally prints the document on a paper for viewing. Almost every modem is skilled to send and receive fax documents. The receiver’s location is not a hindrance in this transmission and he or she can receive the data even if they are located in some other country.

Contribution of fax facility in boosting communication:

Fax has turned out to be a blessing in the field of communication. Be it education or business, it has left no stone unturned to strengthen message transmission in the most convenient, quick and secure way. Some evident advantages and input of fax system includes the following-
Fax has certainly become a worldwide technique of communication. It sends significant copies and documents from one destination to other just like a telephone call.
With the help of this technology, a document formed in a computer can be directly forwarded via a fax modem. This even slams the need for printing the document.
Fax is a more helpful way of communication than Telex as documents like charts, graphs and other visuals can be sent through fax but not via telex.
It is the fastest mode of communication as an instant copy of the data transferred pops out at the receiver’s machine.

How to send fax via fax machine:

If you have a fax machine at your work place or home and are looking for correct guidelines on sending across your first fax, here is all you need to follow-
Place the paper you wish to forward in the document feeder and feed the fax number you intend to pass it to. 
Once ready, press “Send”.
When the scanning and sending of document is over, take your confirmation page and original document placed in the feeder before turning off the machine.

No Fax machine? Use internet to transfer your documents as efficiently:

Since the fax communication has become extremely common and necessary, many users are now switching to online fax services instead of utilising fax machines for transmitting information. Online fax services boast similar features as that of a fax machine. However, one advantage here is that with the option of online faxing, you can forward data to the receiver from anywhere. The only requirement is that your internet connection should be working well.
To successfully send across your documents safely via the fax technology on internet, follow the simple steps-
Open the fax service provider you use and choose the data you wish to forward.
Enter the phone number of the receiver and press on “Send”.
Once the transmission is over, close the software.
Boom! Sending fax online is this simple and convenient. Before you even realise, the receiver will have the document in his or her system.
Cut-off areas, which are struggling to manage decent internet facilities, still depend on fax machines as the prime source for transmitting notices, messages and other critical information.

Fax machine aiding as a photocopier and printer:

Apart from sending documents from one end to the other, a fax machine can also be used to photo copy as well as print documents. However, photo copying a document in a fax machine is comparatively costlier as the cartridges or toner used in majority of the fax machines are more expensive as compared to a photo copy machine. Some of the fax machines also have the option to print documents. On the other hand, the toner used in a printer costs much less as compared to that of a fax machine, thus increasing the cost of the print.

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